Oven's Project Pictures

These pictures show the development of the earth ovens project.

Adrian building the first fire
 Adrian began burning
the cleared plants and branches on the oven site.
Discovering the red clay
The cooking oven initial base
       The cooked clay and plant material  gathered up from the                        cleared site was piled high into the oven shape
    after the red clay was discovered from Adrian pushing a pipe                         into the ground at the earth oven site.

         There was lots of singing, guitar and drum playing at night                  around the developing earth cooking oven.

Burning the clay and digging around the base
 Various friends and family volunteers help create the earth cooking oven shape.

The cooking oven takes shape
At the end of March 2012 the cooking earth oven, later named the "Father Oven", has a definite shape and form.

The oven continues to be built while Fabrice returns to France for 6 months

Working on the inside walls

 There were some keen willing workers (WWOOFers) who worked on the building of the earth oven in 2012 and early 2013. In this period we completed the inner wall and built the roof.
The earth oven with its roof
Building the tent roof so construction can continue in the winter

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