Care Taker Farm

Is located at 109 Ashton Road, Whangateau-17km from Warkworth and one hours drive from the city of Auckland.

The top farm ridge
Caretaker Farm is the home of Audrey and Dorothy Sharp and their family. "The Farm was called Caretaker Farm because both Mum and I believe that the land is here for us to "caretake" or take care of, 
and that as our time on its surface is very short we have a big responsibility to look after it well 
Part of theMandala mural
while we are here."

Audrey had a 30 year vision of how the property was to be developed 
and is 20 years into the project 
using organic and natural agriculture methods, Permaculture design, creating a forest and a peaceful healing place to stay and learn. Hence Caretaker Farm.

The original 30-year vision plan that Audrey had was for the property to host a live-in language school for foreign students (up to 12), along with opportunities for kiwi youth to receive alternative practical tuition in a small school for students who have dropped out of the conventional public school system.

"I want to be able to offer an alternative individualised programme worked out with the young person that allows them to achieve practical successes and to be able to explore their creativity and strengths."

By creating a self sustaining forest and educational farm using permaculture design, natural agriculture and organic methods it was hoped that the property would provide support on many levels for family members and other people here now and for 80 years into the future.
The farm forest

"I have tried to create something similar to a Maori papakaianga where family members are always welcome to come and live, but where the property itself needed to be self-supporting. Such a place offers the family a safe haven to retreat to especially if times are tough and hopefully it also offers visitors, volunteers and staff a beautiful place to live and work on."

With the development of the community Earth Ovens Project in 2011 the vision for the farm has undergone change.

The Cooking Earth Oven

We are now looking at establishing a cultural and arts environmental educational facility offering an alternative style of learning by taking into account each person's unique learning is seen as one way of financially supporting the property's costs. 

We want to offer a place for communities to gather-local and international
people-to meet, talk, enjoy art, performance and music and to share food and laughter together. 

Educating all ages in sustainable cooking and making pottery using the earth ovens on the farm is also on the plan.  Growing garlic, salad vegetables, foliage for florists, firewood and offering farm-stay and backpacker accommodation are other ways the property will support itself. 

In 2015 Audrey began using plants on the farm to make healing balms which she sells at the local market in Warkworth and Leigh. 

The plan for the summer months is to run various educational workshops for children and adults in a variety of subjects-puppetmaking, natural agriculture, miso making, discovering your voice, astrology for life balance

There are many accommodations on the farm and Audrey welcomes both those who can afford to pay real money to stay and those who wish to exchange their services for accommodation (WWOOFers/Helpers).

Two bed Cabin
The dorm and classroom


We welcome anyone who wishes to either experience and or contribute to our project . 

 We are a flexible open- hearted family who welcome cultural and a work exchange with others. 

 You must like nature, animals and be prepared to fit in with our environment and remember
 "Don't judge a book  by its cover, as often there is a lot to learn behind the cover"

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